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Supporting a Friend Who Has Lost a Loved One to Suicide

Helping a friend who's lost a loved one to suicide is invaluable. While you can't erase the pain, your presence can make a difference. Here's how to be there for them:

  • Acknowledging the Loss: Engage in open conversations about the situation, showing your willingness to listen and support.
  • Expressing Concern: Let your friend know you're there for them, available to help whenever they need it.
  • Reflecting on Emotions: Repeat their feelings back to them to show you're genuinely listening and understanding.
  • Being Genuine: Don't hide your feelings. Express your sympathy and care authentically.
  • Offering Support: Let them know you're by their side, ready to help in any way they need.
  • Asking About Feelings: Create space for your friend to express their emotions.
  • Active Listening: Be patient and attentive; it's more about being there than having the perfect words.
  • Avoiding Comparisons: Avoid saying you understand exactly how they feel; instead, ask them how they're doing.
  • Watching for Warning Signs: Pay attention to any signs of prolonged distress and encourage professional help if needed.
  • Supporting Professional Help: Suggest resources like the Counseling and Mental Health Center.

Remember, grief is complex, and healing takes time. Resources are available on campus and beyond. Encourage seeking help when needed.

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