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The University of Texas at Austin - What Starts Here Changes The World The University of Texas at Austin Division of Student Affairs

Mission and Values


Healthyhorns enhances the health and well-being of students’ bodies, minds and lives in support of their academic and personal goals.


Compassion: Offering and promoting care, open communication, respect, honesty, teamwork and integrity for our staff and students.

Diversity and Inclusivity: Cultivating an inclusive environment that values and promotes the understanding of differences and enhances our ability to meet the needs of our diverse student, staff and trainee population.

Excellence: Providing evidence-informed, high quality and innovative healthcare, customer service, education and public health practice.

Fiscal Responsibility: Providing responsible and ethical stewardship of our resources while considering the cost of care for our students.

Privacy and Confidentiality: Ensuring the protection of students’ personal information is of utmost importance; all legal and ethical standards are upheld.

Staff Development: Ensuring an organizational commitment to the development of awareness, knowledge and skills as a lifelong process.

Student-Centeredness: Prioritizing students’ needs and well-being in every aspect of our work.

Student Empowerment and Learning: Offering information, strategies and additional perspectives to develop students’ health literacy and confidence in navigating life circumstances and relationships.

The University of Texas at Austin Division of Student Affairs Mission and Vision

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