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Integrated Health Program (IHP)

The Integrated Health Program is a collaboration between University Health Services and the Counseling and Mental Health Center at The University of Texas at Austin. This program brings mental health providers to University Health Services, creating a holistic team approach in the treatment of UHS patients. The Integrated Health Program also facilitates classes, programs, and other interventions available to students through the Counseling and Mental Health Center.

The Integrated Health team consists of psychologists, clinical social workers, and trainees. We emphasize a broad definition of health which views optimal functioning as the integration of physical, psychological, emotional, relational, and spiritual well- being. The team utilizes a variety of interventions to treat students, including mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and EMDR.

The Integrated Health Program offers:

Why would a UHS provider refer a student to a counselor in Integrated Health Program?

Sometimes behavioral/lifestyle changes or psychological interventions can be quite helpful in addressing the symptoms that prompted a student to consult a UHS medical provider. Common referrals to an Integrated Health counselor include:

These are only some of the reasons why a UHS medical provider might want to include a counselor as part of a student's treatment team. With the emphasis on an integrated approach, this program’s counselors can assist students in identifying and treating different psychological and behavioral factors affecting their health.

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