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CMHC Services

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The Counseling and Mental Health Center is providing services via telehealth. Students will be given instructions to ensure their appointment runs smoothly.

The list below is designed to give students information about how CMHC is delivering services. The list may change in the future as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves. The CMHC Crisis Line (512-471-2255) will continue to operate 24/7 during this time.

For students in crisis:

During regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm), students who are experiencing a crisis should call 512-471-3515 and choose option 3.

For crises after hours or on weekends please call the CMHC Crisis Line at (512)-471-2255, which is available 24/7.

How to contact CMHC:

Students seeking mental health services should call CMHC at 512-471-3515 Our Brief Assessment and Referral (BART) counselor will help you determine which services are available and most appropriate.

Extended Hours

CMHC will offer some evening appointments during the week to better serve students’ schedules. Some groups and workshops will be offered outside of traditional business hours as well.

Private space for telehealth appointments:

Students who need a private space for their telehealth appointment with a clinician at CMHC or an off-campus clinician can use an office at CMHC (Student Services Building, 5th floor). These offices do need to be reserved ahead of time and are subject to availability. Students who have an appointment with a CMHC clinician should inquire about this when they call to speak with a counselor about services. Students who have an appointment with an off-campus clinician can call CMHC at 512-471-3515 to reserve a room. Students should plan to bring their own laptop or other device. If a student does not have access to a device, one will be provided. Students will be instructed how to clean the office before and after the appointment.

About CMHC groups and workshops:

Groups and workshops will meet virtually, via Zoom. CMHC offers therapy groups, classes, and skill-building workshops that address a range of student needs. Follow the instructions for each group or workshop to enroll.

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