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Questions and Answers

How do I log in for my video telehealth appointment?

View instructions for how to log in for your video telehealth appointment.

Where are you located?

CMHC is located on the 5th floor of the Student Services Building. Campus Map

How do you access the clinical services provided by the CMHC?

Begin this process by visiting in person or calling 512-471-3515.

Can I request a particular counselor based on gender identity, cultural identity/background, sexual identity, specialty area, etc.?

Yes, please let the counselor know if you have counselor preferences when you call or come by CMHC. We have counselors from many different backgrounds, cultures, identities and specialty areas. Students are free to request individuals that they might be more comfortable meeting with.

Are services available in any language other than English?

We have counselors who speak Spanish. At times, we have other counselors who speak other languages. Feel free to call and ask. Additionally, the TimelyCare virtual mental health and well-being platform is home to bilingual and multilingual providers.

How long is each appointment?

Counseling appointments are generally 45 minutes long. The total time period required for the initial consultation or intake appointment is approximately 90 minutes, so be sure to keep this in mind when scheduling your appointment.

Psychiatric appointments are usually one hour for the first appointment (more time might be needed if additional paperwork is required) and 30 minutes for follow-up appointments.

Do you provide after-hours emergency mental health services?

Yes. If a problem arises after business hours or on the weekends, call our CMHC Crisis Line at 512-471-2255. A counselor is available to talk with you about your concerns 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In the case of a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 immediately.

Crisis Services - I Need to Talk to Someone Now

What if I'm concerned about another person's behavior?

Call the Behavior Concerns Advice Line (BCAL) at 512-232-5050 if you are concerned about the behavior of a UT student, faculty, or staff member. Trained staff will assist you in exploring available strategies and will also provide appropriate guidance and resource referrals.

Behavior Concerns Advice Line

Do many students use CMHC?

Yes. In fact, it is quite common for students to come for a talk with a counselor. Being in college entails many changes and challenges: leaving home, choosing majors, negotiating intimate relationships, and moving on when graduation approaches. It is natural for people to want to talk with someone about these complex developmental issues. And, of course, other students may have additional concerns such as depression, anxiety, eating concerns, self-esteem issues, sexuality, family illnesses, and so on. The CMHC staff is sensitive to the broad range of concerns that students have.

What if I can't make a scheduled appointment?

Call the front desk at 512-471-3515 as soon as possible after you become aware that you cannot come to your appointment. You can leave a message on the voicemail if you are calling outside of business hours. Please try to call at least 24 hours before your scheduled meeting. There is a $25 fee for appointments that are not cancelled by noon the day before the appointment.

Will my privacy be protected?

CMHC takes student privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Our records are separate from your academic records and cannot be released without your permission. See our confidentiality policy for more detailed information.

Confidentiality and Notice of Privacy Practices

What resources are available if I have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?

ADHD Resources at U.T. Austin

What if I am not happy with the counselor I am assigned, or with my experience at CMHC?

Generally, it is possible to change counselors if you do not feel you are well-matched with the person you are seeing. If you have difficulties with any aspect of your service at CMHC, call 512-471-3515 and ask to speak with Dr. Marla Craig. You can also submit an electronic feedback form.

CMHC Online Feedback Form

I am doing a class project and need to interview someone at CMHC. How can I do this?

Please contact Laura Kinch at

Does CMHC or UHS provide letters of support for Emotional Support Animals?

The Counseling and Mental Health Center and University Health Services do not make recommendations or offer letters of support for Emotional Support Animals (ESAs). If a student is interested in an ESA, we recommend seeking a mental health provider who has an interest in this field.

CMHC is committed to providing UT students with excellent services, so any feedback is always welcomed.

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