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How to start your video telehealth appointment with CMHC

Step One
Login to your MyCMHC portal 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment. You will need to complete surveys before you can join your appointment.

Step Two
On the left side of your screen click on "Appointments". Then click on "Appointment Check In"

cick on appointment check in

Step Three
If you have any surveys to complete, a screen will appear to direct you to the next one. Press the Continue button at the top-right of the screen to begin the survey.

Step Four
Complete the surveys. If this is an inital appointment there will be several surveys to complete. Press the continue button on the bottom or top right corner of the screen to move to the next section.

Step Five
Once all the surveys are complete click on "click here to join meeting".

If there are any internet connection disruptions with Zoom, you can rejoin by clicking on “Join Meeting” on your appointment list.

Step Six
Click “Open Zoom Meetings?” in the Zoom window.

Step Seven
This screen appears if your counselor has not started the session.

Step Eight
When the session has begun, make sure your mic and camera are on. These buttons are in the bottom left of your Zoom screen. If there is a red slash through either of them, click it to turn it on.

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