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What is TAO

What is TAO It may be helpful to think of TAO as an online library of engaging, interactive programs to learn life skills and to help you bounce back from disappointments or stumbling blocks in life. As you watch videos and engage with our interactive components, you'll gain the knowledge, self-awareness, and skills you need to achieve your goals. You can complete TAO at your own pace, whether that's just one session a day, or perhaps two whole modules. It's entirely up to you. Using TAO you will learn from different modules you choose to use!

Course Offerings:

  • Relationships & Communication. This course will help you understand how to improve your relationships by building communication skills, learning to recognize unhealthy relationship behaviors, and finding ways to manage anger. You’ll also learn how to respond more effectively to others. Enrollment key: Relationships-F19
  • Understanding Anxiety & Stress. This course will help you recognize symptoms and sources of anxiety, identify thoughts and behaviors that are related to anxiety, and learn techniques to manage anxiety and cope with stress. Enrollment key: AnxietyStress-F19
  • Understanding Depression. This course will help you recognize symptoms and underlying causes of depression, understand how stress and lifestyle factors are related to depression, and learn techniques to help manage negative thoughts and feelings. Enrollment key: Depression-F19

How to Sign Up

Here are the steps to get you started in TAO:

  • Visit the TAO Course Enrollment Page
  • Enter your name, UT email address, and the Enrollment Key of your desired course.
  • Complete the demographics and Informed Consent forms and click ‘Sign me up!’
  • Check your email. You will be sent a confirmation link, which you must click on before signing in.

Login Portal

tao therapy assistance online sign-up. Already have an account? Login here.

You can use TAO on any web platform, or you can download the app from the PlayStore or use the App Store to download.

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We're here for you.    We recognize that many UT students are being impacted by historical and recent events. The CMHC holds firm to the university’s values and commitment to diversity and inclusion. Our staff are here to help students navigate through these times. Click here to learn about our resources.

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UT counseling and mental health home link, go here to get back to the homepage
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