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Getting Started - Counseling and Mental Health Center

Everyone seeking services at CMHC first speaks with a Brief Assessment and Referral Counselor over the phone to talk more about your situation and which of our services is the best fit for you. The counselor will then make recommendations given your unique needs, discuss different treatment options, and assist you in getting connected to the most appropriate services. Sometimes those services may be provided on campus, other times they may be off campus.

Call 512-471-3515 Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm or schedule an appointment online to speak with a Brief Assessment and Referral Counselor

Read frequently asked questions about online scheduling for brief assessment appointments.

Please consider the following guidelines to help prepare you for your phone conversation with a Brief Assessment and Referral Counselor:

  • An initial conversation with a Brief Assessment and Referral Counselor over the phone must be completed before an appointment can be scheduled.
  • Find a private space where you feel comfortable speaking freely for approximately 10-15 minutes.
  • Be prepared to describe your concerns and how these concerns may be impacting your work, school, or relationships.
  • Provide a call back number in case the call is disconnected
  • Your safety is important. Please do not call while driving.
  • Have your schedule available to help more easily schedule services
  • If you have concerns about your safety or the safety of others, please let the counselor know immediately.

Watch our video to learn more about how to make an appointment and what to expect once you arrive at CMHC.

    The students featured in this video are actors and are not clients.
    View the video transcript here

General Appointment Information

  • All appointments are confidential and are for currently enrolled students.
  • If you have a preference for a particular counselor based on gender identity, sexual identity, cultural identity/background, specialty area etc.; please let the BART (Brief Assessment and Referral) counselor know when you schedule. We have counselors from many different backgrounds, cultures, identities and specialty areas. Students are free to request individuals that they might be more comfortable meeting with.
    Diversity Counseling and Outreach Specialists
    Diversity Statement
  • Single session and first time short-term counseling appointments will last approximately 75 minutes, including 30 minutes to complete the initial paperwork and 45 minutes to meet with a counselor. Learn more about what to expect in the first appointment by clicking on the Individual Counseling link below:
    Short-Term Individual Counseling

Information on Charges

Need to Talk to Someone Immediately?

CMHC Crisis Line at 512-471-CALL (2255) (UT Students Only) is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

CMHC Crisis Line

Community Counseling/Mental Health Resources Off-Campus

We're here for you.    We recognize that many UT students are being impacted by historical and recent events. The CMHC holds firm to the university‚Äôs values and commitment to diversity and inclusion. Our staff are here to help students navigate through these times. Click here to learn about our resources.

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UT counseling and mental health home link, go here to get back to the homepage
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