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Mental Health Conversations: A Simulation Platform


Mental Health Conversations is a simulation platform that allows faculty, staff and students to practice having important and life-saving conversations with students who are experiencing distress and/or suicidal ideation. The platform also teaches participants when and how to make a referral to campus mental health resources. Practicing simulated conversations allows participants to develop confidence about having these discussions in real life. While this training does not replace healthcare from a licensed mental health professional, everyone can learn how to respond to student mental health concerns in a caring and appropriate way.

The simulation takes an hour or less to complete, and participants can stop and pick up where they left off. Through the stimulation you will:

Student access

Mental Health Conversations is available to all UT students who are interested in gaining more knowledge about how to support peers. It is offered through a Canvas course.

Faculty and staff access

Mental Health Conversations is available to all faculty and staff in addition to graduate students who work in student-supporting capacities including TAs, AIs, GRAs and GAs. It is offered through UT Learn.

Questions or feedback?

Contact Thea Woodruff, Project Coordinator, Well-Being in Learning Environments, Longhorn Wellness Center at the Counseling and Mental Health Center and University Health Services at

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