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The Alcohol and Other Drugs Counseling Program

CMHC Business Hours:
Monday thru Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm

Phone: (512) 471-3515 - Student Services Building 5th Floor

The Alcohol and Other Drug Counseling Program is a program for students who have questions about their own or someone else’s substance use. We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals dedicated to your physical and emotional well-being. Whether you are just beginning to explore making changes in your use, ready to start making changes, or wanting to continue with changes you have already made, we are here to support you. Our primary purpose is to provide a comprehensive assessment and collaboratively develop a treatment plan with you in order to meet your goals. Call 512-471-3515 to set up an assessment.

What The Alcohol and Other Drug Counseling Program is all about...

Assessment & Referral

Each student who calls the Counseling Center will be assisted in scheduling an assessment with an AOD clinician. The assessment includes an in-depth look at current and past substance use and an opportunity for the student and AOD clinician to collaborate on how to best meet the needs of the student in a non-judgmental and caring environment. A strength-based approach underlies all the services in the AOD counseling program. Referrals for on-campus and off-campus services could be provided at any time during the assessment process.

To begin the assessment process with The Alcohol and Other Drug Counseling program you can make an appointment for within 2 weeks of the first day of classes and at any time during the semester by calling the Counseling and Mental Health Center at 512-471-3515.

Individual and Group Substance Specific Harm Reduction Treatment

Based on your AOD assessment, you’ll discuss with the AOD clinician potential services that could be a good fit based on your use. You will get personalized treatment recommendations which could include individual harm reduction counseling, group counseling, psychiatric services, and/or an off-campus referral. Should the student participate in the AOD counseling program it is the expectation that each student will have an opportunity to gain critical coping skills, achieve a more positive self-concept, and establish a more healthy relationship with alcohol or drugs which will allow for them to feel more capable of reaching their academic and personal goals. The Motivated to Moderate, Quitters Tobacco Cessation Program and the Creative and Expressive (A.R.T.S.) group are all examples of groups currently offered in the AOD counseling program.

Education, Guidance, & Support

Each student will be offered an opportunity to gain awareness around the potential harm being caused by their use. Students will also gain support on reducing the potential risks associated with their use. When clinically appropriate, we provide support and guidance to the student and their family to find the most effective treatment options. Your treatment goals are evaluated and revised by the AOD team throughout the semester so treatment recommendations may change at any time. The AOD team also can offer supportive services to students who may have a loved one who is experiencing struggles related to substances.

Off-Campus Treatment

The Alcohol and Other Drug Counseling Program isn't the best fit for everyone. If, after your assessment, we recognize the need for medical supervision, or that intensive and long-term treatment is the best option for you, we will refer you off-campus for this treatment. We give detailed referrals and offer support for students transitioning to off-campus services.

Whether you are joining the Alcohol and Other Drug Counseling Program or you are being referred off-campus, we are here to support you. We'll provide guidance through the assessment and referral processes so that you know exactly what kind of treatment options are available to you and how to access them.

Outreach & Prevention

The Alcohol and Other Drug Counseling Program provides trainings and presentations about substance use, abuse, and dependence, as well as related topics for the UT community. If you would like to discuss scheduling a training or presentation, please call 512-471-3515. The Longhorn Wellness Center also offers programming around substance use, including BASICS and CASICS. These programs are open to any UT Austin student who is thinking about their substance use and how it might be affecting their personal well-being or academics. There is no prerequisite to sign up.
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