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Psychology Internship Program
Stipend and Benefits

For 2024-2025, the stipend for the psychology interns will be $40,300.

Internship begins August 1, 2024 and ends July 31, 2025.

A number of benefits are made available to interns by the university and CMHC.

  • Currently, UT pays 100% of the cost of medical and prescription drug insurance premiums for the employee and part of the cost of medical and prescription drug premiums for family members. Other benefits (e.g., life, disability, accident, dental and vision insurance) are available at additional cost. Employees can tailor coverages to fit their needs.
    UT Insurance Benefits
    Health Insurance costs for family members
  • Interns accrue vacation and sick leave at the rate of eight hours per month. Paid holidays and professional leave (to attend professional workshops or conferences) are provided.
  • Interns accrue compensatory time for weeks in which they work more than 40 hours.
  • Interns receive other university benefits, such as a shuttle bus service, recreational sports membership (at an additional cost) and access to the university's extensive library system.
  • Each intern's office is equipped with a computer, laser printer, internet access, video camera and high-quality microphone. Interns have as-needed access to information technology professionals who are available to assist with technology needs.
  • Texas currently has no state income tax.
  • A mandatory, monthly contribution to the state's Teacher Retirement System is required of each employee. At the end of internship, contributions to the plan may be withdrawn with interest.

UT Employee Services

Note that the above benefits are subject to change.

Interns will be required to use 40 hours of their accrued leave during the last five days of internship.

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