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Stalking Documentation

Document everything. Even if you have decided not to report, you may change your mind. Keep all correspondence or offerings as evidence.

Keep a log of all contacts, including phone calls/voicemails, text messages, e-mails and IMs, drive-bys, unsolicited gifts, or any suspicious occurrences. As you fill out your log, remember that it could be admissible as evidence in court or inadvertently shared with the stalker at a future time. Therefore, keep the log in a safe place and do not include any information that you do not want an offender to see.

Keep voicemail recordings, letters, gifts, etc. Place any physical evidence in zip lock bags, date the bag, and handle the evidence as little as possible.

If you decide to open a stalking case with local law enforcement, you can do so by calling UTPD 512-471-4441 if the stalking events are happening on the UT campus or APD's non-crisis number (311) if they are occurring off-campus. Be sure to specify that you are calling to file a "stalking report." If you file a report with APD, you can also call APD's Family Violence Unit 512-974-8535 2-3 days after filing to request a victim's services counselor. This counselor can be a helpful advocate to have as you move through law enforcement's process with the case. If you are a UT student and file a report with APD, you will also want to call UTPD and let them know so they can create an incident report and coordinate with the necessary UT departments to better facilitate your safety on campus.

Make copies of all correspondence before you turn it over to law enforcement. Take photographs of larger items and print the date on the back.

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