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Texas Well-being


The Well-being in Learning Environments website was designed with the support and talent of many individuals whose names do not appear here but whose hard work and ideas are represented throughout, including faculty, staff and students at The University of Texas at Austin. Funding for the Well-being in Learning Environments project is provided by the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health.

Chris Brownson, Director and Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
Kathryn Redd, Associate Director for Prevention and Outreach
Althea L. Woodruff, Project Coordinator
Michael J. Balsan, Graduate Assistant
Andrew Mendoza, Art Director
Blake Grugett, Webmaster
Samuel Pitasky, Graduate Assistant


Leslie Ernst, Art Director
Laurie O’Meara, Project Manager
Tillie Policastro, Designer

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Alexandros Dimakis, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering
Brian Evans, Engineering Foundation Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Christine Julien, Annis & Jack Bowen Professor in Engineering
Nina Telang, Senior Lecturer
Ahmed Tewfik, Department Chair
Ramesh Yerraballi, Distinguished Senior Lecturer

College of Liberal Arts
Phillip Barrish, Tony Hilfer Professor of American and British Literature
Valerie Bencivenga, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Senior Lecturer in Economics
Susan Deans-Smith, Associate Professor of History
Alison Frazier, Associate Professor of History
Marilyn Lehman, Graduate Program Administrator in the History Department
Marc Musick, Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs in Liberal Arts
Abena Dove Osseo-Assare, Associate Professor of History
Heather Pelletier, Lecturer in French
Mary R. Rose, Associate Professor of Sociology
Rajka Smiljanic, Associate Professor of Linguistics

College of Pharmacy
Renee’ Acosta, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Clinical Professor
J. Nile Barnes, Clinical Assistant Professor
Patrick Davis, Eckerd Centennial Professor in Pharmacy
Bryson Duhon, Assistant Dean for Student Success and Clinical Assistant Professor
Diane Ginsburg, Associate Dean for Health Partnerships and Clinical Professor
Jennifer Ridings-Myhra, Assistant Dean for Experiential and Professional Affairs and Clinical Associate Professor
Sharon Rush, Clinical Associate Professor
Holli Temple, Clinical Assistant Professor

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