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Take Back the Night Fire Performance

Mia Goldstein (UT '20) and Gabe Borg (UT '19) are Austin-based flow artists and fire performers. A survivor herself, Mia has found healing through both the fire arts and sexual violence prevention work.

Take Back the Night Rise Up Performance

“Hi! My name is Montse Santibáñez and I decided to do an improvisation dance to the song “Rise Up” by Andra Day. I think for me this dance reflects the process of healing from trauma. A lot of exhaustion and pain and pretending to know what you are doing - and convincing yourself to do it. Getting yourself through the process of healing is never easy, it’s never linear, and a lot of times right when you think you are making progress or doing great, something creeps in and brings you back down. And it’s funny, because you can see that in the dance where there are moments where I seem so confident about what I’m doing and then I fall or I trip but I keep on going and moving and trying and “rising up,” and I think it’s a very accurate description to how healing feels to me.”

Take Back the Night New World Performance

New World was written by Bri Hernandez, Maddie LeBlanc, and Clara Gibbs as they tried to imagine what supporting survivors would look like in a New World during a Voices Against Violence: Theatre For Dialogue meeting. Reading it today is RTF Junior, Bri Hernandez.

More to Say - Dance Action, Choreographed by Cellise Brown (Recorded 2019)

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