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About MasculineUT

What is MasculinUT: Healthy Masculinities Project?

Our vision is to provide a framework for men and masculine-identified students to develop a gender awareness that translates into positive contributions to their relationships on campus, relationships to their friends and families, and quality of life, including career goals. More specifically, as a project of Voices Against Violence, it is our ultimate goal to promote healthy models of masculinities to prevent interpersonal, relationship, and sexual violence on campus. At the same time, this program was created as a resource and support for students who want to learn more about their masculine gender identities, including students traditionally understood as male, as well as female, transgender, genderqueer, and non-binary students who embody a diversity of masculinities.

College is a time of transition for every student. It is the first time that many students have to live on their own and interact with new and diverse people. Whether students think about it often or not, gender is an important part of many students' identities and shapes behavior towards self and others; yet, gender is not something often talked about or examined. MasculinUT aims to promote attitudes and behavior among the student population that are healthy and respectful to the self and others, with the ultimate goal of preventing interpersonal violence.

Young adulthood is an important life stage for many students and we see this project supporting the intellectual and emotional development of all students at UT. By addressing masculinities and gender expression, we are not trying to incite defensiveness, fear or anger, or suggest that all masculine people are violent. They aren't. We want to provide students with the language and concepts to understand who they are and how our culture, particularly ideas about gender, influence our everyday thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Being aware of this can help students make informed decisions about how they will think, act, and relate to others, as well as how to practice self-care and make important decisions for their personal life and careers.

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