Level Two

What does "Level Two" mean?

Level Two is for people who have some awareness about how stress affects their quality of life, and may even know a few things that help reduce their stress. Level Two is designed to help you learn new ways or refine old ways of managing your stress so that you are more effective.

Level Two is specifically designed for people who are already on their way to improving their response to stress, but who may need some "fine tuning."

If you want to follow our program, go through each "module" in the order they are listed below for maximum clarity and understanding. We've also designed each module to be self-contained, so if you want to jump around, that's okay, too!


Remember to Think Small

Think Small IconWhat's one small thing you can do to reduce your stress? Try it as an experiment and see what happens. You can always go back to your old way of doing things.




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