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Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Activities


Our daily lives and routines may look very different than they used to. You may be noticing you are feeling more stressed, anxious, irritable, or may have a hard time concentrating and getting tasks done. You are not alone.

Prior to COVID-19, you may have had ways to manage your stress- often known as coping mechanisms. This may have included going to a MindBody Lab on campus, grabbing a coffee with your friends, or knocking on your friend’s door to chat. You may notice an increase in your level of stress while some of your coping mechanisms are not currently accessible.

How to use this guide

Below you will find a list of mindfulness and stress reduction activities you can do at home to help manage your emotional well-being. Please note that some of these techniques may work better for you than others and that’s okay. Explore and find what mindfulness and relaxation techniques work best for you.

Meditation Tracks

UT Resources

Videos, Podcasts & Articles

iOS & Android Apps

  • Thrive at UT
    • Designed for UT students with the help of UT students
    • Eight topic areas, which include community, gratitude, self-compassion, mindfulness, mindset, thoughts, moods, and purpose
    • Customizable notifications sent to your phone to prompt you to incorporate topics into your everyday life
  • Balance
    • Personalized meditation audio program
    • Available in both iOS and Android platforms
  • Liberate
    • A meditation app for the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) community
    • Build a practice with leading BIPOC meditation teachers
    • Practice with a diverse community from around the globe
  • Headspace
    • Basic meditation training 10 min/day
    • Later levels with varying durations & topics
    • Personal progress, friend/buddy program
    • Basic is free; various purchase upgrades
  • Calm
    • Background nature sights and sounds
    • Daily learn to meditate followed by multiple meditation session options
    • Can set timer, reminder, log
    • Basic is free; various purchase upgrades
  • The Mindfulness App
    • Guided, silent or personalized meditations of varying length
    • Reminder alerts
    • Progress tracking
    • Basic is free; various purchase upgrades

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